Sarah’s gift for capturing the essence of people and her down-to-earth approach makes her the perfect third-wheeler for relaxed wedding days. She will also stop for dogs at any given moment, and treasures her little three-legged dog Winky!

Sarah loved photography since she was really young. Her grandpa, one of the most important people to her growing up, used to buy Sarah disposable cameras, and they’d drive around the city taking photos of my family, cousins, and things in the city to send over to his family in Scotland. It’s how he shared his life and he taught Sarah that there's nothing more powerful than sharing memories.

After completing an education in mechanical and civil engineering, Sarah decided that photography was her true passion. She's a people person and is  able to make deep connections with people very easily and does everything possible to help people feel cared for so they can enjoy their wedding day.


Sarah has always known she wanted to pursue a life that led to joy in others. Her people-pleasing, caring and outgoing personality aligns her perfectly to become a trusted friend on your wedding day. She is mindful to not disturb memories or events of the day, and lingers in the shadows so the focus is not on getting your photos taken, but rather the memories being made themselves.   

Sarah’s work is full of emotion, candid, and true to the moment. When you look back on your images you’ll feel the emotions of your wedding day, and memories of all your loved ones. Sarah’s goal is to make sure you feel at ease while in front of her camera and feel authentically you. She helps you forget you’re even being captured, and instead guides you to focus on your loved ones and feelings for one another.

When not behind the camera, you’ll find Sarah hiking and exploring a new location, travelling with friends, or spending time with family. You’ll never catch her without a coffee in hand, and her dog, Winky, by her side.

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